Molecular Compactor (discontinued)

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The Molecular Compactor, a DSP multi-effect, has the same basic circuitry as the Molecular Disruption Device in a smaller enclosure. It differs from its bigger brother in that it has no dedicated momentary footswitch and not expression pedal input.

It can be loaded with 8 algorithms that the purchaser can select from the list of Molecular Patches

Download the manual

A demo by UglyCasanova:


pot0, pot1, pot2 : control 3 parameters dependant on the selected patch

program : selects between the 8 loaded patches

mix : blends between fully wet and fully dry signal (analog dry path)

feedback : mainly used as feedback but some patches use this control as an additional parameter

You can not update the patches yourself though so the 8 you choose when buying the pedal are permanent (unless you know how to write code and program chips yourself)

It runs on standard (Boss style) 9V power supply (no battery) and uses an optical bypass (similar in results to the standard true bypass 3pdt switches, but using sturdier 2pdt switches with an optocoupler)

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