Iketara Iku – Dual EQ

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As I found myself constantly tweaking my EQ, especially between mid boost/mid cut settings I thought it would be nice to have 2 presets available so I ended up making this dual EQ with 2 identical 3-band Baxandall filters and an 18V charge pump to give enough headroom and boost. It’s specially useful to sculpt the sound coming out of a fuzz or distortion.

The term “Iketara Iku” in Japanese means something along the lines of “I will be there if I can make it”. I came across it reading an article about the different meanings this sentence could have depending on where you heard it in Japan. (one being a firm affirmation of the willingness to attend the meeting and the other being more like the proverbial “I’ll call you”).

I could go on tracing parallels between the dual nature of the phrase and the double EQ but to be honest I just chose it because Iku sounded a lot like EQ 🙂

The pedal has a buffered bypass with dpdt Alpha switches and runs on standard (Boss style) 9V power supply (no battery)

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