Stamme[n] is a pedal that originated from an initial idea of Kent Sommer (aka UglyCasanova). He asked me if I could make him a pedal that would loop short samples but whose sample size could be set by tapping a tempo. From there the pedal went through many iterations and a few months later we had something that seemed like a useful tool. It was a fun project and I really want to thank Kent for his input, ideas and the nice chats.

From the original tap tempo micro looper idea, it has evolved (now in it’s V3 iteration) into a micro looper / time stretcher / glitch delay / audio freeze / reverb

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4 looping modes:

TT (tap tempo)
A microlooper with tap tempo and 4 subdivisions.

RT (random tempo)
A microlooper with random tempo and time stretch options.

GL (glitch delay)
A glitch delay with optional pitched up feedback

TL (tape loop)
Works like a loop of tape that can be sped up or slowed down with the control

4 hold modes:

SW (swell)
The control knob defines how fast the held sample fades in and out.

PT (pitch)
The control knob detunes the held signal when turning CCW (like slowing down
a tape)

FL (filter)
The held signal gets processed through a filter. The control knob goes from a low
pass filter on the left to a high pass filter on the right.

ST (stutter)
The held signal gets randomly chopped off. The control knob adjusts the rate of
the chopping.

Download the manual for V3 (really, rtfm 🙂 )

Clips for the older versions: