Molecular Disruptor

The Molecular Disruptor is a DSP based multi-effect pedal that can be loaded with 16 effects of your choice from the molecular patches list, which is regularly being updated with new patches. These patches are loaded on swappable “Molecular Modules” that hold the 2 banks of 8 effects:

Essentially, this “à la carte” system allows you to have a pedal that has up to 16 effects tailored to your needs. Plus, if you ever feel the need to have different effects, you can always order a new module.

Head over to the shop if you’d like to purchase one

Here is a playlist with some examples of molecular patches:

(although it will be clearer to head over to the molecular patch page )

You can fill out this form to order a new patch module:

(They cost 30EUR shipping included. Only available for Molecular Disruptor users as of version 2.4)

You can find it inside the pedal printed on the circuit board (modules are only available for versions 2.4 and above)
You can find it on a sticker inside your pedal
From this list: